Enhancing your IT knowledge

When taking the step to begin wrapping your head aroundIT Courses
IT and technology, there are a range of classes and programs available to assist you from learning to access your emails to completing SEO Services. The Kangan Institute offers very basic computer skills short courses, such as “Computing for Beginners”, “Learn to Shop Online and Use Email”, and programs based upon Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel – three of the main processing programs available on the Windows package. Many TAFEs and Adult Education Centres also offer basic IT skills course, as do many registered training organisations across Australia. Local libraries or community centres offer basic computer classes to get you started on using different software and technologies, often advertised on site – just walk in and ask. Many basic YouTube and online tutorials are also available to help with specific requests once you have understood the basics. If you are unsure of technology, it is important to attempt to understand the basics of it by taking a class such as these.


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