How IT has changed over time

From the first computer, which was built in 1946 and weighed nearly 50 tons, technology has come a long way. Today’s world is run by technology, with the introduction of laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart TVs and even smart watches as products that owned by many individuals. In every aspect of western life, technology is apparent and will only continue to grow exponentially. Because of this, being IT savvy has become a fundamental part of living. Understanding and being able to interact with technology allows one to keep up with the times. From a business perspective, it is absolutely essential to have IT knowledge: people’s first impression of a business are based off what they have access to online, majority of marketing and advertising is done via social media and much communication between businesses and customers occurs online. For your own personal benefit, being able to use technology efficiently allows you access to news, online shopping, to connect with people and access to entertainment. The possibilities of technology appear limitless, and will only continue to grow in a way which will shape and influence society. It is of complete importance to have knowledge of basic IT skills and technology in order to keep up to date with society.

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